Celebrating Timeless Craftsmanship: A Journey Through Old Fashioned Week

Celebrating Timeless Craftsmanship: A Journey Through Old Fashioned Week

Lovers of fine spirits, let's raise our glasses. As Old Fashioned Week kicks off, we're not just toasting to a cocktail; we're honoring a legacy. The celebrations from October 13th to the 22nd are spearheaded by the distinguished Heaven Hill Distillery and Elijah Craig. 

An Elixir of Elegance: The Old Fashioned

This isn't any ordinary week; it's a deep dive into the world of a revered classic. Elijah Craig, renowned for its unmatched bourbon, lights up bars and restaurants nationwide during this annual homage to the Old Fashioned. Whether you're devoted to the traditional or curious about contemporary spins on this cocktail, there's an adventure awaiting.

Elijah Craig’s commitment goes beyond crafting fine spirits. For each Old Fashioned relished during this week, they pledge $1 to support our cherished bar and restaurant community, turning enjoyment into empowerment.

Discover the festivities by finding a participating venue near you. Learn More: https://oldfashionedweek.com/ 

Home Mixology Elegance with Gents Original

Our role in this celebration is an intimate one. As the creators of the Old Fashioned cocktail mix that Elijah Craig champions, we offer aficionados a ticket to luxury right at home. Curate your perfect Old Fashioned with our mix, letting the rich aromas and nuanced flavors elevate your senses. Every hint of citrus, the warm embrace of bourbon, and the aromatic whisper of bitters is a testament to our commitment to excellence.

Gents Original's artisanal mix isn't just for occasions; it’s for those who cherish quality every day. Available for purchase on our website, elevate your at-home bar and delight in the perfect Old Fashioned, any day. 

Unleashing Your Inner Mixologist: The Old Fashioned Contest

Feel the spark of creativity? Here's your canvas. Dive into the official Old Fashioned cocktail contest, presenting your unique flair on this timeless classic. An array of prizes awaits the most imaginative concoctions. 

As Old Fashioned Week unfurls, Gents Original stands proud as the essence behind every perfect Old Fashioned crafted. Join us in this symphony of tradition and taste.

Here's to the classics, forever reimagined. Cheers! 🥃